Girl Child Basic Education Programme


This is a past successful programme of CYEN -Korogocho on the education of the girl child in selected areas in Korogocho and the larger Kasarani District, Nairobi. It entailed carrying out a situation analysis of the following:

  1. The manner in which the girl child participates in education. It assessed factors determining her participation and levels of accomplishment.
  2. Community based initiatives aimed at improving access to education, care and protection.

Operational areas

The programme is in the process of carrying out a situation study of education of girls in all the eight villages on the slums of Korogocho.


The programme is expected to produce varies documentaries as tools for creating awareness on education of the girl child. Some of the other expected outcomes of the project are as follows:

The situation of the girl child in formal education needs to be enhanced further. The CYEN’s strategy will be to link to all the possibilities of incorporating community guidance and counseling to keep the girl child in school while helping girls to focus on achieving education goals. A successful model called Education for Life Process (EDULIVE-P) will be devised and used after the study.

The Home Based Care and Education Model, on the other hand, focused on children in need of special protection in Korogocho urban slum. Over 3,000 children have enrolled /and benefited in Centres that provided care, education and protection against abuse and neglect. This strategy had three benefits:

  1. It provided access to child protection and early childhood education. It also frees the girl child to attend school without being interrupted.
  2. Created community based employment opportunities for women who would otherwise be involved in illicit business such as prostitution and brewing of illegal beer, known by the locals as “chang’aa” 

The centres freed at least 800 women to participate in income generating activities while assured

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