Creative Arts , Entrepreneurships Training and Counseling


The CYEN –Korogocho Creative Arts and Entrepreneurship Training Programme, was started in November 2011 by the Women in Korogocho slums, most of whom being widows and some affected, directly/or indirectly with HIV and AIDs and TB. It is a training and a psychosocial support and a group therapy/ rehabilitation Programme for women who have been afflicted by the latter pandemic. Most of these are not only young (14-34 age group constitute the majority) but are also mothers. While those with children below 6 years are allowed to take their children to CYEN Home-Based Day Care Centres, where a large number of these women leave their children at, instead of leaving them at home where their safety is not guaranteed. Most of them being single mothers and widowed, this programme help them in getting a little income to support their families.CYEN –Korogocho believes this Programme contributes directly to the prevention of child abuse, abandonment, and neglect of children and more so, gender based violence.


  • To assist women acquire skills through training in order to facilitate their re-integration into the communities.
  • To provide women with business skills and attitude towards self reliance and improved self esteem.
  • To assist women discover and utilize their potentialities.
  • To be a practical model to prevent over-dependency on hand-outs and thus increase their self-employability in the women in the slums of Korogocho and Nairobi and its environs (in slums where CYEN has her members).


The Creative Arts and Entrepreneurship Programme is very much involved in the production of high quality and attractive Ladies purses, baskets/ handbags, table-mats and other traditionally turned modern items made from wooden and plastic beads.

Also its members do mobile vending of beverages to the local open-air markets and into the surrounding offices and on the same, offers food and beverage for varied foras and functions. The fast foods served include mandazis, samosas, chapatis, fancy cakes, fruit juice especially for schools.

Outside catering is also picking up quickly with many customers preferring food at their doorstep during occasions like weddings, birthday parties, picnics, school functions and a host of other functions as done by other established CBOs and FBOs.

The centre has also made remarkable strides in the production of cardigans for children. The cardigans are produced for sale to children in the surrounding schools. The cardigans are best for the cold seasons in Nairobi.

Another important unit is the training and counseling section set aside purposely for adult literacy education and awareness on family planning, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.

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