Home-Based Day - Care Centres


The Home Based Day Care Centre project was initiated by the African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) in 1997 through the Community Organization Training Programme (COT) and Taka Taka Afya Korogocho (TAK), which has since changed names to Children and Youths Empowerment Network (CYEN –Korogocho), the recipient CBO in Korogocho slums, Nairobi, in collaboration with Korogocho community.

The idea was adopted due to the need of having children left with a care taker who would nurture them as their parents get involved in the daily community development activities.

The overall purpose of the project is to provide an affordable and accessible early childhood care and education for children from low-income earners.


  1. To provide an affordable and accessible Early Childhood Care and Education for children.
  2. To provide alternative intervention strategies in protecting children from abuse, health risk and from becoming street children.
  3. To strengthen family ties and provide a support group among single mothers.
  4. To empower parents to manage affordable and sustainable family based Day-Care homes.
  5. To promote and provide an alternative pre-school education in Kenya that is affordable and community based.
  6. To formulate and create an alternative, sustainable child-care service in Kenya to cater for the needs of the urban poor.


The Centres are housed in homes of mothers who have been selected by the community members. There are approximately 50 centers spread in eight villages, including Githathuru, Ngomongo, Grogon, Korogocho “A", Korogocho "B", Nyayo, Highridge and Kisumu Ndogo. Each Centre has a capacity of 10 children. The program therefore cares for a total of over five hundred children aged between 0-6 years old.

The project has assisted the community to make initiatives, which by far contributed a lot to the care and protection of their children against various forms of abuse. The community, furthermore, is currently addressing issues that affect their children’s access to education, such as HIV/AIDS. This idea is meant to introduce children to early childhood education in preparation for primary basic education.

Main Challenge

The community is seriously addressing the issue of the project after the funding by Bernard van Leer Foundation ends. This is in a bid to ensure their children are kept off the streets and where possible given early childhood development and education. The community still needs a lot of support in this area and that is the reason it’s currently working very closely with some individuals development partners like Joan Burrows from Vancouver, Canada.

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